Food Grade

Food grade lubricants are specialized lubricants that are acceptable for food processing applications, equipment and plants. These lubricants include FM greases, USP white oils and synthetic FM gear oils. What makes food grade lubricants so unique? They are made with highly refined white oils and must be handled in a highly specialized way that prevents contamination, ensuring the product’s purity. This is necessary because in the food processing industry, details are essential. Lubricants that come into contact with food have to be harmless, yet must provide protection for all moving parts. While a contaminated lubricant can cause seriously health issues for employees and consumers, a lubricant that is pure but not effective can cause machinery failure requiring replacement or lengthy downtime. Both of these dangerous outcomes should be avoided at all costs. LSC’s food grade lubricants will satisfy both purity and quality standards to make sure that your business is running efficiently and safely.

The Guardsman® brand offers a complete line of USP and Food Grade lubricants that meet or exceed the food industry requirements, such as NSF H-1, FDA, USDA, Kosher, and United Stated Pharmacopoeia, (USP). This coupled with our ISO 9001/2000 certification insures the packaging and quality standards will remain consistent each and every time you place an order. Guardsman® gives you the peace of mind to focus on selling quality.

The Guardsman® Food Grade Lubricants are blended and packaged in a dedicated White Oil facility, enclosed in a dedicated “dust free” clean room specifically designed to meet the cleanliness standards for H-1 Food Grade Lubricants, Technical and USP White Oils. Finished products are quality controlled and tested on site at a full service laboratory measuring everything from basic viscometrics to laser particulate matter readings, ensuring maximum protection and product integrity and purity.

Guardsman® Food Grade Lubricants are designed to be used in food processing and bottling plants where H-1 lubricants are required. All Guardsman® Food Grade Lubricants meet the USDA H-1 requirements and are authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants as well.

Allow us to help keep your facility running at peak efficiency with quality tested and industry proven products that meet all FDA/USDA H-1 requirements. Here is an example of some quality-tested products:

  • FM Chain Oils
  • Oven Chain Oils
  • FM Hydraulic Oils
  • FM Gear Oils
  • Tech White Oils
  • UPS White Oils
  • Egg Spray
  • Feed and Grain Dust Stop Oils
  • Deep Well Pump Oils
  • Synthetic FM Compressor Oils
  • Synthetic FM Gear Oils
  • FM Grease