Product Description: RED-i PREMIUM CV JOINT GREASE is a lithium complex grease formulated with a highly refined mineral oil, antiwear and extreme pressure agents, special corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. It exhibits outstanding stability and resistance to separation and hardening, both in use and storage. RED-i PREMIUM CV JOINT GREASE meets the rigid factory fill requirements set by all major constant velocity joint manufacturers. It passes all test procedures specified for elastomer compatibility including changes in hardness, elongation, tensile and volume, as well as ozone resistance. RED-i PREMIUM CV JOINT GREASE meets or exceeds Saginaw specification limits.

Typical Application:
Red-i Premium CV Joint grease is a versatile product that is suitable for a wide variety of Industrial, Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Trucking and Automotive applications.
This product is suitable for use in many CV joint applications. As in all CV joint applications, the customer should verify that the grease is compatible with the boot material prior to use.